Private Driving Lessons vs. Drivers Ed

Quote:  Dylan from Carmel, NY on 5/1/16

Golden Crown Instructor:  “How was drivers ed?”

Dylan:  “Drivers ed was a complete wast of time.  I didn’t take drivers ed to learn to drive.  I only took drivers ed to get my senior license at 17.  I came to Golden Crown to learn to drive.”

Private Driving Lessons through

Golden Crown Driving School


Drivers Ed through your local high school

Private one to one driving lessons.

Each student will get the full time to improve their driving.


Shared driving time with up to 3 other students. Many times each student will drive for only 15 minutes per session.

The other kids in the car have also been known to be a distraction to the driver.

Our packages include road test service in which we make road test appointments, bring students to their road test and they use our driving school car for their road test.


No road test service available (included).

Golden Crown driving instructors take students to their road test almost every day. Golden Crown driving instructors are experts on what is expected of the student for their road test.


Instructors have little to no experience accompanying students to their road test. Students are sometimes told the wrong information about their road test.

We offer free pick up at student’s homes at times that are convenient for the student.


No pick up at homes and each student is assigned driving times.

Each driving lesson is geared toward the student’s needs and customized to their requests.


One size fits all approach. Group lessons are tough to customize and the instructors stick to basic driving.

Students practice difficult intersections, traffic, changing lanes and on the highway. In addition, they practice proper techniques for their road test including parallel parking, 3-pont U-Turns, turning and rules of the road.


Little to no advanced driving with no highway practice available.

Our driving school is a small family business and all driving instructors are an employee of the driving school.


The driving portion of drivers ed is contracted out and many instructors are considered independent contractors.

Students can save 10% on car insurance by taking one of our Defensive Driving Courses.


Students can save 10% on car insurance by taking drivers’ ed.

We offer the 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course. Each student will receive a MV-278 certificate. Students can then use the certificate to schedule their road test and bring to their road test.


When completing drivers ed each student will receive a MV-285 certificate. Students can then use the certificate to schedule their road test and bring to their road test.

At age 16 and 17, graduated licensing (Junior License Rules) promotes responsible driving and is proven to save teenage driver’s lives. A full license is issued automatically at age 18.


Students are eligible to receive their “senior license” at age 17.

If you are interested in private driving lessons contact Golden Crown Driving School. 914-949-0419

If you are interested in drivers ed contact your local high school. Driver education can only be given through a high school.