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Many thanks, Walter

I took my driving lessons with Walter and thanks to him, I passed my driving test in my first attempt. Even in my second lesson, my driving was so terrible that I couldn't take my turns without hitting the curb. But, slowly, Walter made me practice several turns and ultimately made it comfortable for me. He gives clear and simple instructions to improve your driving skills. Especially, his 4 simple steps for parallel parking are impeccable and so easy to follow. Overall, I had a very good experience in taking my car driving lessons with Walter.P.S:His slots are not easily available (this should be of no surprise) and hence I would advise a new driver to schedule majority of his/her lessons with Walter as soon as possible.

Craig: Great instructor

I highly recommend Craig as an instructor. He focuses on teaching you how to control the car, the rules of the road, and situational awareness. He's quick to correct mistakes, and he provides helpful feedback as you're driving.He's great at building your confidence behind the wheel: I went from having no driving experience to passing my road test on the first try thanks to Craig.

by Brandon Huang on Golden Crown Driving School
Thank you Paul

Paul was super patient while being incredibly informative. He knew exactly what I needed help on and gave me a new sense of comfort on the road. Thank you so much Paul!!

Paul was just great

I second all the comments here about Paul. He was patience, consistent and understanding of what I needed to learn and feel comfortable in the driver's seat. I took a 10 hour class with him and passed the road test the first time. I very much enjoy driving, and that's thanks to him teaching me to be a safe and sensible driver. Thank you Paul!!!

Thank you Dave

Dave is such a good teacher!! he makes driving super relaxing and easy to learn!!

by Sophia Ginter on Golden Crown Driving School

Driving instructor Paul is a great teacher. He turned me into a better driver with his advice and skill learning techniques. I was extremely nervous the day of my test and Paul knew just what to do to get me to calm down. I will forever be grateful to have had such a successful mentor in this journey. Thank you!

by David Peygumbari on Golden Crown Driving School
Incredible Instructor

I had no knowledge about driving what so ever, but Paul aka the best instructor ever, taught me very well. I had 5 hours of driving with him which helped me tremendously. I passed my road test with only one shot. All to the great instructor.

by Zinai Peygumbari on Golden Crown Driving School
Paul Stokes Is AMAZING!

Mr. Stokes is an amazing instructor ! I started with no experience at all.. Mr. Stokes was very patient and detailed with his explanations and examples. Paul Stokes made me a good driver in just 5 hours! I successfully passed my road test from the first try and now I am happy driving my car, thanks to Paul stokes!

by Kristoffer Vivian on Golden Crown Driving School
How I feel about Walter and your driving school.

Walter and I had a total of 7 one hour lessons. I was a decent driver coming in and a confident, licensed driver leaving. I was nervous the day of my test up until I saw Walter. Not only was he a great teacher but he was an amazing guy. Fun to be around.

Kudos from an older student

I highly commend the professionalism of the instructors and the general operation. I learned to drive when I was a kid and thought it was meh, lived in cities my whole adult life (you know where this is going....), and now at the ripe old age of [undisclosed] may need to learn again. This was a great way to start to do so. Kudos to Golden Crown and its instructors - including Walter and Paul!

by Nick Davila on Golden Crown Driving School
Amazing instructor

Paul was an excellent instructor he gave great pointers and he also had a great sense of humor, I passed the test on the first try thanks to Paul so I definitely recommend students to choose Paul as their instructor. Thanks again Paul!

by Vanessa Diaz on Golden Crown Driving School
Paul Stokes is AMAZING!!

I started taking lessons at Golden Crown Driving School back in December 2016, I had the luck of having Paul Stokes as my instructor throughtout this few last months!! Yes I failed two times prior to my last test which I passed!! But it was not because Paul lacked knowledge on what he was teaching but because of me because I actually did doubt myself and and what I was capable on doing!! On my third round Paul told me clearly " girl if you fail, pray the shoes you wear that day are running shoes because you will be needing them" but thanks to him I walked out with one of my biggest smiles!! Paul thanks for not giving up on him YOU ARE AMAZING 🙂

by Vaughn Robinson on Golden Crown Driving School

I had Walter as my driving instructor and it was fantastic. He's a very understandable and pleasant instructor to have. He extremely helps you get comfortable behind the wheel and is very fun often talking about his kids, sailing, or what movie he watched last week. He is a great instructor to have and I am very appreciative for the wonderful experience he has given me. Thank You.

Paul is a great instructor!

I was lucky to have Paul as my instructor. He is professional, detailed and patient. I passed my road test in the first attempt. I was so happy!! Highly recommend Golden Crown and Paul.

by Yoshita singh on Golden Crown Driving School
Mr Paul is the instructor you need!!

I took the 5-hour package and Mr Paul was my instructor. Thanks to the patient instructions he gave, I passed my road test in the first attempt, that too with hardly any mistakes . I would highly recommend Paul as he explains even the minutest of details very well and is very patient, polite and makes one feel very comfortable. he went over my mistakes before the test and told me the areas where i needed to focus and improve. that gave me lots of confidence for my road test. would definitely recommend Golden Crown driving school and once you are there, look for Mr Paul.

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